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Poole Yacht Club 2024 rating certificates

The TCC shown in the list below is calculated with the rated sail plan, which may or may not include a downwind headsail (spinnaker). Boats that are rated with a downwind headsail also have a no-spinnaker TCC shown on their certificate, for use only when racing in a no-spinnaker class.

Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

Please ensure that measurements are as accurate and complete as possible, with the number of estimates reduced to a minimum.

Yacht Design 2024 TCC Issued
AmethystElan 401.02617 Mar
AmpereC&N 30 foot sloop0.81106 Mar
AorakiSplinter OD0.75622 Feb
AtheneMG C270.88327 Mar
CharmBeneteau First 2110.84422 Mar
C SharpHunter Sonata0.81501 Mar
Dark HorseNordic Folkboat0.78112 Feb
DashWesterly Storm0.90210 Jan
DeityDehler 36SQ0.98627 Feb
DuetteHunter Sonata0.81528 Mar
EclipseUFO 270.84227 Mar
EdEtap 200.76113 Jan
ElfinSplinter OD0.75623 Feb
ElinSplinter OD0.75627 Feb
FinnSplinter OD0.75628 Mar
GenesisQuartet0.82902 Apr
HarlequinMG Spring 250.83625 Mar
HecateH Boat0.85527 Feb
HelgaNordic Folkboat0.77907 Apr
ImagineSplinter0.75623 Feb
IsabellaBeneteau Oceanis 3110.89428 Mar
KailaniWesterly Centaur0.72212 Jan
KororaElan 3330.95622 Jan
L'Aventure IIPogo 8.50.94528 Feb
LaylaSplinter OD0.75602 Apr
MaresaSadler 260.79909 Jan
MinstralMG C270.85308 Mar
MojitoMG C270.86128 Feb
One & OnlyHunter Legend 3360.91108 Mar
PersuasionBeneteau Oceanis 3110.91331 Mar
PiccoloBeneteau First 21.70.82615 Apr
Rackham Le RougeMini 6.50 - Ginto0.96916 Feb
Rum JuggernautMG C270.86328 Mar
SaskaBeneteau First 31.70.94122 Feb
Saucy NancyBeneteau First 31.70.95003 Apr
Sea GypsySplinter0.75614 Mar
Sea JemRoscoe 33 Custom0.91822 Jan
Sea ThistleJeanneau SO 32.20.89422 Jan
ShebeenAlbin Ballad0.86201 Mar
SparkleSplinter OD0.75623 Feb
TarkaElan 3330.95421 Mar
TigerlilyMG C270.87719 Mar
Vent des GlobesFigaro II1.04205 Feb
Vento NovoDehler 290.92526 Mar
VolanteElan 2950.91901 Mar
WhisperSplinter OD0.75623 Feb
Y-QnotMoody 280.81126 Mar

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