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2017 Yacht Rating Certificates

A VPRS TCC is used like any other time-on-time rating: simply record the elapsed time for each yacht at the finish line, then multiply the elapsed time by the yacht's TCC to give the corrected time.

Click on the links below to see the TCCs for rated yachts, and to access the rating certificates.
  • PYRA (Poole Yacht Racing Association)
  • Poole Harbour clubs (Lilliput, Parkstone, Poole & Royal Motor)
  • CCRC (Chichester Cruiser Racing Club)
  • Hardway Sailing Club
  • Hayling Island Sailing Club
  • SilaVetra Cruiser Racing
  • 2016 Archive
  • The PYRA category contains a subset of the yachts in Poole Harbour; some of these yachts have ratings which are specific to PYRA.
    Please ensure that the measurement data on your certificate is an accurate representation of the yacht in racing trim. Remember that two free re-ratings are provided every year to capture equipment changes and to allow any errors to be corrected. Finally, if any rating appears to be out of line with expectations, then please check the certificate and let us know your concerns.
    If you would like to join the growing number of clubs now adopting VPRS, or if you would like some more information, then please get in touch. There are no registration fees - and the price of a certificate remains fixed at 20.

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